Eczema, ‘sensitivity’ to essential oils and Sulfurzyme

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SM for Skin ChallengesPosted May 18, 2014by fullerlifeThis is from a thread on our Facebook group, Fuller Life – Young Living.



Someone mentioned having gotten MSM for her skin challenges, and here is my comment . . .When you say you got “MSM”, are you referring to Young Living’s SULFURZYME?  If not, you may not see the same results.  I took an internally known brand of MSM for over a year before I was introduced to Young Living.  There was no significant effect.  When I switched to Young Living’s SULFURZYME, within THREE WEEKS MY SYMPTOMS WERE GONE – pain and stiffness from arthritis that had persisted for almost 10 years!!! It truly makes a difference, and Young Living supplements have definitely been far more effective than any other brand not only for me, but for thousands of people that I have worked with.


Sensitivity to Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Posted August 1, 2012by fullerlife


Are you one of the ones who have challenges with skin sensitivity to the Young Living essential oils even though you have worked to balance your acidity level?


Virtually 100% of chronic “rashes” – eczema, psoriasis, and other chronic skin issues – are a direct result of hyperacidity. However, if a “reaction” occurs after using a particular oil, it could be one of two other things . . . Toxins embedded in the tissues are a major cause of rashes after using Young Living essential oils topically.  When one is using personal care products containing synthetic ingredients – soaps, shower gels, deodorants, dishwashing detergents, cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, and even cosmetics – the chemicals become embedded in the tissues.  Then when therapeutic-grade essential oils are applied, the toxins are pulled out of the body and often leave by the “fastest route” – the skin that is close by.


Discontinuing the products which have the chemical ingredients and cleansing is the most effective way to eliminate this cause. Deficiency of sulfur in the body is the other principal cause of rashes after using therapeutic-grade essential oils topically.  Most of us are deficient in this important chemical by the time we are around twenty years of age – and some are deficient even sooner.


Gary Young mentioned this important fact in a class at Convention, and it makes so much sense as sulfur is extremely important for SKIN! There are some who have told me they are “allergic to sulfur”.  In actuality, there is no way that ANYONE can be allergic to PURE organic sulfur because it is in EVERY CELL OF THE BODY.


In fact, sulfur is one of the most prevalent chemicals in every cell.  If someone has had a bad reaction to “sulfur”, it would be that the sulfur was either synthetic or that there was an additive to the product, and the person responded to the additive. Young Living’s SULFURZYME is pure organic sulfur, and is a wonderful source of sulfur for BONES, SKIN, ALLERGIES, ARTHRITIS, FIBROMYALGIA, FATIGUE, PAIN, JOINTS, MUSCLES . . . almost anything that you can think of.


It is important to remember, however, that the suggested amounts on the bottles of Young Living supplements are for MAINTENANCE.  When we need to REPLENISH a mineral or vitamin, we need to use a bit more than the maintenance amount until we have reached a more balanced state.


Dr. Ronald Lawrence, MD wrote in his book, The Miracle of MSM, a protocol for replenishing this valuable element in the body.  Gary Young calls this, ramping”.

  • Begin with the maintenance amount.  (For Sulfurzyme capsules, that is 2 capsules 2-3 times daily.)  Continue with this amount for 2-3 days.
  • Add one additional capsule for the next 2-3 days
  • Add one additional capsule for the next 2-3 days
  • Continue adding one capsule every two to three days until either the condition goes away, or until you develop diarrhea.  (If you develop diarrhea, drop back to the amount that was previously tolerated.)
  • Continue at this amount until all symptoms are gone for at least a month
  • Begin decreasing the amount of Sulfurzyme in the same pattern as when increasing (ONE capsule less every 2-3 days) until you reach the maintenance amount


NOTE:  If symptoms return, then increase the amount again as before. For some, the period of increasing the amount may be quite short.


For others, it could take a while to reach the point where the body is actually getting the amount of sulfur that it needs to replenish the cells.  Remember, we are all different. Sulfurzyme is a very important supplement for BONE and JOINT health as it has the capacity to equalize the pressure in the joint capsule. T


he fact that your body had a sensitivity to an oil could be a wonderful signal that your body is deficient in sulfur.  So be happy that you can easily correct this!  Isn’t it great to know that one supplement can make such a different in so many different parts of the body . . . and relieve host of other chronic conditions???


Sulfurzyme – How Much To Take?

Posted March 8, 2014by fullerlife


There are often questions about how much Sulfurzyme is safe to take.  Dr. Peter Minke stated in his presentations and in his cd’s, “There is no upper limit to the amount of Sulfurzyme that one can take.”


Sulfur is in every cell of the human body, so it is quite impossible for anyone to be ‘allergic’ to Sulfurzyme.  It IS quite possible to be allergic to synthetic sulfur – or pharmaceuticals that are called “sulfa drugs” – because they are not plants.  In addition, many brands of “organic sulfur” contain sulfur in compounds that are not easily absorbed by the body.


For instance, 17 years ago, I was told that I needed to take organic sulfur.  I took an internationally known brand for over 1.5 years with no visible benefits.  When I began using the Young Living essential oils, I noticed that there was a supplement called SULFURZYME.  I decided to try Young Living’s supplement since I was seeing so many positive benefits from the essential oils.  To my amazement, within three weeks, the pain in my arthritic hands was totally gone!  I have been using and recommending SULFURZYME ever since.


Gary Young taught us to begin with the “maintenance amount” that is on each bottle of Young Living supplement.  After a few days, increase the amount.  After a few more days, increase again – until one of two things occurs:  either your symptoms disappear or you have a digestive upset.   If you have a digestive upset, then drop back to the level where you last had no issue.  If your symptoms disappear, then hold at that level for 30 days.Dr. Ronald Lawrence, the author of “The Miracle of MSM”, and Gary Young have always said that once you reach the level where your symptoms are gone for 30 days, you may choose to decrease along the same schedule as you increased it.




If your symptoms begin returning, then go back up to the level where your symptoms were not there.I have on occasions been traveling and did not have enough Sulfurzyme with me.  I have NEVER had any negative response from not taking it for a period of time “suddenly”.  In fact I often stop taking it when at my home in Bali because there is so much sulfur in my natural well water there.  (However, after my spinal fracture in June 2011, I have made certain to always take Sulfurzyme because I feel it is quite important for my body.)


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