Vicki Opfer’s Two Poweful Young Living Protocols

Vicki Opfer’s Two Poweful Young Living Protocols




1. Use the Mood Elevating Protocol every day! (See below)


2. Drink NingXia Red every day 1-6 ozs. This product, alone, changes lives!!


3. Take a Longevity capsule every day and/or right before you go to bed!! It will reduce your down time and help keep you young!


4. Keep Stress Away in your pocket and use it throughout the day! This oil will enhance your level of joy!


5. Take a True Source all natural vitamin/mineral supplement pack every day!


6. Take MultiGreens 1-3 capsules once or twice a day!! You will have increased stamina and feel terrific!


7. Use all natural personal care products like Thieves toothpaste and Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, which is a relaxing spa treatment every time you use it!



Live every day in Joy, Gratitude, and Appreciation!





Mood Elevating Protocol:


This protocol was first shared by Dr. Gary Young, President and founder of Young Living Essential Oils, at a class in Wyoming in 1994, and has been used by thousands of people, since then, to help them live happier lives.


Valor – apply on the bottoms of the feet, or a single drop on one wrist and hold the other wrist to it for a few moments to balance the entire system!


Harmony – a single drop, over the solar plexus area (above the belly button)!


Joy – a single drop over the heart!


White Angelica – a single drop in one hand, rub hands together, and brush over the head, face, chest, shoulders, down the body, right over the clothes, as though applying an “Angelic Shield”!



If you will do these for yourself every single day, it will change your life!!!!




*This was written by Vicki Opfer, Young Living Crown Diamond. She has been a member for over 13 years, and this is a perfect way to start people on Young Living. I regularly use the Mood Elevating Protocol and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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